Covid 19


Dear Clients,
We have gathered our own COVID19 guidelines to be implemented during your stay for the safety of attendees and caregivers. The following changes for the house are as follows: It is very important that you provide us with your COVID19 test results before arriving to Red Door Recovery House.
Upon arrival you provide your own transportation straight to the clinic to take Covid-19 Test. Once you are cleared, I will have my driver bring you to recovery house. If you have already taken test and your results comes out negative this guideline does not apply to you . Please keep in mind to advise us if you have already tested Negative so we can arrange your transportation to the recovery house.

COVID19 Guidelines

Please follow guidelines as it’s important to stay safe!!
• COVID19 Test Results (Must be Negative)
• Stay six feet of a distance
• Bring your own antibacterial Soap
• Bring your own hand sanitizers
• Bring your own face mask
• Big luggage will not be permitted
• Carry-on Bags “ONLY”
• Shoes will be left outside the recovery house to be disinfected

Thank you in advance and for your full cooperation with guidelines taking place.