Red Door Recovery House is a specialized ultra-luxury post-surgery recovery house focused on our Guests care and needs. Surgical recovery is a stressful time for many patients. At our recovery house, we strive to alleviate that stress and optimize the body’s healing.
Our goal is to take our Guest through this brief journey in experienced hands in a way that will promote tranquility, wellness, and healing. The staff at Red Door Recovery are specially trained to manage and guide patients through times of stress and anxiety that could make healing more complex and difficult.
Red Door Recovery House can capably manage patients following outpatient surgery from a large variety of specialties. If you would like to introduce your surgeon to our services, please contact us directly and we will happily coordinate and provide them additional information. We will work closely with all surgeons to ensure their instructions are followed, including any specified medications, diet, dressing changes, ambulation, or treatments. Our utmost goal is to make your recovery process smooth and free of complications.


Your care starts from the moment we pick you up from your surgery center and bring you to our recovery house. Our caregivers will arrive in a SUV, depending on your personal needs. You will be transferred into the vehicle comfortably and discreetly as possible. Upon your arrival at Red Door Recovery House, you will be taken up to your room and made as comfortable as possible.
Our caregivers will have your post-operative care kit and instructions ready to go to continue a smooth transition from the recovery room to our recovery house. Your caregivers will be readily available for 24-hours a day during your recovery.

Healthy, light meals will be provided your first night, progressing to a full diet as your body says it’s ready. We can accommodate any dietary restrictions you or your surgeon may have.
Patients will stay in our recovery house for variable time frames. Our goal is to ambulate you during this time at a pace that is comfortable for you. Each day we monitor your progress and coordinate with your surgeon for specific details they may have regarding your recovery.

To make the follow-up process easy for surgeons, our recovery house provides transportation needed to and from your doctor visits during this time.
Please contact Red Door Recovery House for any additional information. Post-surgical care is a great idea and relieves your loved ones from the responsibility of caring for you immediately after surgery, which is something not all our loved ones are best suited to do.


No matter what your situation may be, our Red Door Recovery team can handle all your post-surgery care needs. We offer home care services that are versatile, flexible, and customized for your comfort, peace of mind, and well-being.

Red Door Recovery gives you peace of mind, by providing the high-quality care you and your loved one deserves. From assistance with household tasks to 24/7 care our trained and compassionate caregivers will be your partner to ensure continued health, safety, and happiness in a quiet and comfortable home setting. Call us today and our compassionate care professionals can customize a post-surgery care plan to meet your needs.

• Bathing/Showering
• Bathroom activity (supporting continence)
• Grooming
• Dressing
• Feeding assistance
• Walking
• Massages
• Communicating regularly with your larger healthcare team (through our caregiver & client care team communications)
• Activities and social engagement
• Grocery List Planning
• Errands (ex. Dry cleaning drop off/pick up)
• Appointments
• Medication reminders
• Meal Preparation
• Housekeeping
• Laundry
• Overnight care and reassurance
• 24 – hour shifts Customized arrangements for 24-hour peace of mind

Call our office today 954-612-0592 to schedule your post-surgical care and recovery at Red Door Recovery House. We Look forward to impressing you!


“Only the BEST for the BEST!”